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Tips for using

Using WorkMyPrice as a Consumer
Posting Work
Choosing a Service Provider
Leaving Feedback

Using WorkMyPrice as a Service Provider
Searching for work
Creating a profile
Receiving good ratings


Using as a Consumer

Use as your go-to resource for coordinating a wide array of services. Whether you need everyday tasks handled, like car maintenance, lawn care, or a simple car wash, or you're looking to tackle less frequent projects such as remodeling, computer repair, or plumbing, our platform connects you with the services you require. It’s about giving you the convenience to post the job you need completed and letting the available service providers respond, all within your preferred budget. Use to simplify how you find and schedule the services you need.

  • Simply post the project you need completed on for the price you want to pay, and a service provider willing to complete the job will contact you if the price is worthwhile. 
  • Visit service provider profiles to view qualifications, ratings, and reviews.
  • Leave feedback for service providers you work with so future customers can make an informed decision on using their services.

Posting Work

There are 3 key components to a good work posting.
  • Title - The title should include the main keywords about the job. It will help your posting be easily found when service providers search for work.
  • Description - The work description should contain enough details  for a service provider to determine whether the job will be worthwhileUse photos or video whenever possible to paint a vivid picture of the job you need to be done. If a service pro contacts you for more details about your posting, consider updating it to include the details requested.  
  • Price - A reasonable or premium price determines if or how soon you will receive a response to your work posting.  If your price is too low for the services needed, you may receive little or no contact from service providers. You are in total control of how to price the work. See the pricing scale below for how it works.
Pricing Scale

Choosing a Service Provider

Service providers are required to have an active profile to contact consumers.  When a service provider contacts you about completing your work, you can search for their profile by title, category, and location.  Review profiles to see information such as proof of business and insurance documents, business descriptions, photos of their work, qualifications, ratings, and reviews left by their previous customers.

You can also visit our links page to view other resources that can be used in your due diligence efforts.

Once you choose a service provider you are comfortable with, it is a good idea to obtain documentation listing details (price, description, timeline, etc.)  of services to be completed. 

Leaving Feedback

It is highly encouraged to leave feedback (ratings & reviews) for service providers after the service transaction. Feedback helps consumers when deciding on whether or not to use a particular service provider. It also helps service providers gain more business, especially if you have a positive experience.

Using as a Service Provider  supports small business owners, future entrepreneurs, and skilled workers.  Small business owners can use to earn extra business whereas future entrepreneurs can use it to jump-start their businesses.  Individuals or skilled workers with credible experience in one or more of our service categories can use as an opportunity to earn some extra income on the side. If you want to use for these purposes, you should sign up as a service provider.

Service providers who sign up can do the following:

  • Search for work posted within your service category. 
  • Create a work alert to receive notifications when consumers post new work. 
  • Create a searchable profile so consumers can find you.
  • Contact consumers directly when you find a posting for a price worthwhile.
  • Build your reputation by providing quality service and encouraging your customers to leave positive feedback. 

Searching for work

You can search for work by the following attributes:

  • Keyword – Narrow your search by using keywords specific to your service industry.

  • Category – Search by category and location to get more results.

  • Location – Increase the proximity to get more results.

Creating Notifications

To receive automatic notification of new postings, you must save your search. You can create and save multiple searches using different keywords, categories, and locations.

To save your search agent, conduct a search and click on the save button icon as indicated in the image below.

Creating a Service Provider Profile

Create a profile so consumers can find you.  Profiles are similar to a portfolio or resume. They are required in order to contact consumers about their work postings.  This way, when you contact them, they can look you up to view any information necessary to help them determine whether or not to use your services. Keep in mind that consumers love reading anything that will help them make a good decision on whether or not to use your services. So, the more helpful information you provide in your profile, the better for consumers to decide.  

Contacting Consumers

It is true that first impression is a lasting impression.  When contacting potential customers for the first time, the tone of your voice is the first thing they notice and use to judge you.   Be sure to introduce yourself, be courteous, and thank the consumer for their time.


Receiving Good Ratings

Your work will speak for itself.  By providing good work and quality services, your customers will leave you positive feedback.  Future customers feel more confident choosing service providers with good feedback left by previous customers.

Feedback will be based on five attributes used to determine quality service:
(If you are good in these areas, your efforts should result in good feedback from your customers.)


Evaluates the service provider's ability to engage with customers effectively. This includes prompt responses to inquiries, clear updates on service progress, and the capacity to explain complex issues understandably.


Measures the service provider's consistency in delivering services according to the agreed schedule and terms. A reliable provider honors their commitments and maintains consistency in their service quality.

 Customer Service:

Rates the service provider's effectiveness in managing customer interactions and addressing their needs. This includes courtesy,responsiveness to feedback or complaints, and overall dedication to customer satisfaction.


Concerns about the provider's adherence to ethical standards and professional conduct. This encompasses respect for the customer,maintaining a responsible and honest approach to work, and a commitment to minimizing any inconvenience to the client.

 Quality of Work:

Measures how well the job is done in skill and detail. It looks at whether the service meets and perhaps even goes beyond what the customer expected in how well it works and looks.

Any questions?  Visit FAQs

Although we take certain measures to ensure safety within the WorkMyPrice community, we can't eliminate all safety risks. Users are encouraged to take precautions as they would with meeting people and handling transactions on other websites.

For your convenience we have provided some resourceful links which may be used to research individuals or businesses.

You should exercise the same due diligence you would as if you found the service provider through other venues such as a phone book, internet search, Craigslist,etc. Service providers who contact you to provide services must have an active profile.  Do not use service providers who contact you unless they have a profile. is a self-policing site.  If you view a suspicious profile or work posting, you should "flag" it immediately or contact us.

Personal Safety

  • Arrange to meet in a public place if possible.
  • Bring a friend or family member along for added security.
  • Inform a trusted individual about the meeting details and person you're meeting.
  • Before inviting individuals into your home, request proper identification to confirm their identity.
  • Trust your instincts; if you feel uneasy, prioritize your safety and leave.
  • Always employ common sense in assessing the situation.

Avoiding Scams & Fraud:

  • Never wire money via services like Western Union or MoneyGram; these transactions are irreversible and untraceable if fraud occurs.
  • Refrain from accepting money orders or cashier's checks; they are commonly used in fraud and can be forged, leaving you liable.
  • Protect your financial information, including bank details and social security numbers, from potential misuse.

Additionally, report any suspicious activity to us immediately to help maintain a safe and trustworthy community.

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